What is subscription based mastering? When it IS and when it’s NOT the right fit for you?

Subscription-based services have been a big growing trend over the last few years and it has also become a norm on the music business. You have Slate Digital Everything Bundle (or All Access how you call it nowadays) + many other similar services, several different online learning pages, and even music distribution. But actual subscription based production services? People talk about it but there are none actually doing it (if you know someone who is offering subscription-based production services let me know in the comment section).

Now I present you vmastering.com which is, if not first, at least one of the first subscription-based real mastering services out there. Basically, it is designed for the modern artist who needs mastering regularly and wants to make the process a little bit more smooth and easier. We offer several advantages over regular mastering. Our service offers:

  • Full customization to your own release cycle
  • Super easy payments through PayPal or credit card. With the subscription, your card will be charged automatically each month.
  • If needed, secure processing through Bounce Boss so you can be sure that your files won’t get leaked anywhere. Access will be shared only to your email address.
  • Savings to your hard earned money. One of the main benefits of subscriptions is that it offers predictability to a business. Because of that predictability companies can offer special discounts to their customers because they know, they will get x amount of money next month. This creates a healthy cycle which benefits both parties. For a service that you will be using frequently, I think it makes perfect sense.

Many of these features can be found on AI-based systems but let’s be honest.. that won’t replace a real mastering engineer finalizing your song to its best. AI-based services have their place but they don’t offer you the real connections, communication or emotion a real mastering engineer will give.

But the real question is, when a subscription is a right service for you and when it is not. The answer is quite simple and it depends completely on how often you do release your music. 

Do you release music monthly, every two months or quarterly?

If the answer is yes.. SUBSCRIPTION IS YOUR CHOICE. In any other case, you are better with buying mastering individually. Now the fun part, the math:

Let’s say you release music every month. Individually that is 50€ a song. In one year it costs 600€ to get all the songs mastered. By buying a simple 39€/month subscription (34€/month if you pay a whole year in advance), the same service will cost you 468€ (or 408€ if bought annually). You save up to 32% by just subscribing to a service. You see where I’m getting here? With a subscription, you get the same great quality but a lot cheaper.

Our subscription works like a credit system so if in one month you don’t have any songs that need mastering, you can use it next month or give it to a friend. You will never lose your credits.


Difference between buying a full-length album and a subscription is that if you buy multiple songs at once, they must be mastered at the same session. With a subscription, you can use your claimed credits whenever you want. You’re not forced to use the credits all at once, even though you can also do so.

Even though a subscription is a valid option, that is not everything we can offer. I totally understand that some of us don’t need mastering regularly so subscribing to a monthly fee doesn’t make sense. That is why we can also offer mastering with a song by song basis. It is a little bit pricier but 50€ shouldn’t break your bank if your serious about your music and want it to sound great.

That’s it! What do you think about subscriptions? Leave your comments below and remember to share this post to your friends. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message or email.