Finalize your song in more modern way

While studio technology keeps improving and making our lives easier, songwriting or production no longer requires high-end studios. Songs are usually written on songwriting camps or in home studios. A song might be created from start to finish completely on a laptop. If even one of the following applies, you might want to consider stem mastering:

  • You are not mixing in a most ideal enviroment
  • You are unsure about your ability in mixing
  • The song is created in tight schelude and you don't simply have time to finish the mix at the level you might like.

In stem mastering, you have more control over individual elements and if needed it can have a bigger impact on the song


How does stem mastering work?

The first step is to go through what changes or enhancements you want. Also, we’ll go through your goals and overall character of the song.

The next step is to master the song, fix possible issues and enhance the overall sound of the song.

Last but not least, the song will be finalized for distribution.

If you have made your order for more than two songs, you’ll also get DDP file for the CDs.


Kake Karisson Testimonial

Heikki has excellent work ethics and attitude. I can genuinely say that while working with vproaudio, my music's quality has improved remarkably. To me, it is super important that the song is polished to the smallest detail, and Heikki has the same passion for making great music as I.

Heikki is understanding and reliable professional, so the result is always as good as you would expect.



Heikki is my top choice when I want my songs to stay on the top lists on Spotify for a long time. Nowadays, competition in the music fields is fierce, so I don't feel like anyone else can give as great value as vproaudio can.

Heikki has superb expertise, and insane desire to get the song as good as it can. What more I can say? Heikki has excellent service and quality. 10/10.


Ville Nisunen Testimonial


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What is stem mastering?

The difference between stem mastering and stereo mastering is that in stem mastering you send pre-mixed parts (drums, vocals, synths, etc.) separately to the mastering engineer. It may also be desirable to distinguish all the vocal reverbs to separate tracks. The end result usually consist of 4-8 stereo tracks. The mastering engineer will then ensure that everything sounds good and will make the final adjustments to the song.