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Start your songs fast.

Have you ever felt stuck when writing or producing? Yes, we all encounter that once in a while. Most of the time getting inspiration from other songs helps dramatically to get started but even then you will have to figure out chord progressions and song structure. Songwriter Toolkit is built to help you get faster results so you don’t have to focus on repetitive steps on every song.

You can use this page for inspiration or buy the full license. With the full package, you will get access to drag-and-drop MIDI files that will save hours of your time while writing your music.

Drag and drop or on the go.

Every template includes MIDI files for easy customization so you can quickly start your songs. Templates are generic enough, so they don’t lock you down to a certain style but they still drive your inspiration.

For on the go songwriters without access to DAW or computer, you download mp3 files to write toplines on top of the templates. You can also send files to your customers to get them fired up to an upcoming co-writing session.

Built for modern producers and songwriters

Songwriter Toolkit is built for modern producers and songwriters in mind. Even without knowing any instruments, you can lay down songs quickly just by humming to an existing chord progression. Build your lyrics, write down the melody and you have a rough demo that you can send to your producer.

Beatmakers and producers can benefit from Songwriter Toolkit by quickly creating a starting point for your beat or your song. Using an arpeggio synth, laying down a fast drum track or jamming bass lines will quickly give your song the foundation it needs.

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All samples are 100% royalty-free and can be used both on commercial and personal project.

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