Pop music mixing for producers and teams

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Reasons why you should work in teams

Better sounding record means higher-profile projects for you

Usually, the weakest link for many producers is mixing. The problem is that even if they could offer their customers a better experience as well as a higher quality, they still try to manage the whole project by themselves. A better sounding recording means higher-profile projects, more customers, and an advantage over your competitors.

Focus on what you do the best and let others do the rest.

A quality product doesn't only means more customers, but it also increases the value of projects. For this reason, outsourcing some of your work is an investment and not an expense.

By outsourcing, you can free up a vast amount of your time. Take more projects, focus on your personal skills, or simply work less. It is your choice.

Outsourcing isn't an expense

Previous work

Nico Patrick - Uskalla

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Henrikki - Sex on the Beach

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Jelou - Marimekko

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering



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Dedicated mix engineer is your best friend

Hi! My name is Heikki Vihersalo, and I'm a mix engineer from Finland. I'm specialized in modern pop and hip hop music. Most of the time, I help other producers as well as production teams to achieve better sounding recordings by working as part of their team.

While working, I prefer honesty, a relaxed and energetic environment, and I always give 110% to every project I'm part of. I like it when I get to grow with the musician and help him to my best abilities.

Do you need anything more? Check out mastering and post-production services.

I'd love to work with you!

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