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Do you want to join the session remotely?

If you prefer, you can join the session in real-time just with an internet connection. This means you can brainstorm, ask questions, and learn while we work on your song.

The audio stream allows high-quality listening, which also works on most mobile devices. Experience a truly modern way to work with your music!

Each song includes a one-hour remote session if needed.

Online mastering with a modern approach

Better quality for your clients

Are you struggling to master your own music? I can totally relate! You've been working on your music for hours and hours. Tweaking every detail and designing sounds. After working so hard, it can be difficult to reset your brain and move to the mastering stage. This is where someone with perspective from the outside will help.

The point of mastering is to give you the confidence that your song will sound amazing in every environment. A good master will support your mix and production decisions, and everything will be discussed before-hand.

Imagine that after every production you do, you could just send your music to someone who will do the final tweaks and get the song ready for release? In terms of workload alone, it will save you 1-2 hours per song. Not to mention the time it takes your brain to reset from the production and mixing stage. By outsourcing the mastering stage, you can detach yourself from the current project much faster and finish more work.

Save time and grow faster
You're stronger with a team

Mixing and producing can sometimes get really lonely. By working with a team member, you always have someone you discuss with and ask for honest feedback. A team member that shares your passion can be worth a mass of gold and push your music forward. In the end, better quality means more prominent clients and higher-profile projects.

Previous work

Nico Patrick - Uskalla

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Henrikki - Sex on the Beach

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Jelou - Marimekko

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering



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A trustworthy mastering engineer is your best friend

My name is Heikki Vihersalo and I work as a music producer, mix and mastering engineer under the name of vproaudio. I'm specialize in modern pop and hip-hop music. Most of the time, I help other producers as well as production teams to achieve better sounding recordings by working as part of their team.

While working I prefer honesty, a relaxed and energetic atmosphere, and I always give 110% to every project I'm part of. I like it when I get to grow with the musician and be genuinely helpful to him.

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