Make Music Remotely

How does it work?

make music remotely with just a network connection

If you wish, you can always join the session remotely. The "Make Music Remotely" service can be combined with mixing, post-production, and mastering services. Remote connections allow for quick commenting and brainstorming as the song progresses. You can join either just by listening or through video connections.

Keep in mind that to achieve a certain level of peace at work, you may need to mute your mic in places. See service-specific instructions below.

Joining a session is a great way to learn, ask questions, or bring out your own thoughts in real-time!

Make music remotely with ease

The problem with traditional video chat is almost invariably poor sound quality. For this reason, listening is handled using Audiomovers' "ListenTo" app. This enables real-time audio streaming, even with a weaker network connection. You can connect to the audio stream directly through your browser, and after that, you will hear everything the same as me.

Video connections are handled by Google Meets, which provides a secure connection for video and voice.



For peace of work, mixing is not 100% remote. For this reason, the pattern usually goes as follows.
1 I prepare the mix and make the first draft of the song. This is usually the most challenging part when the pieces are put together. I won't stop you from joining the session, but commenting isn't helpful in the beginning when things are still in a stage of trial and error.
2 The next step varies song to song and how much you want to be involved in. You can either join the session now or just at the end.
3 The final step is to tweak the details of your song. This is where you can join the session at the latest. You can ask questions, and if you want, I can also provide tips on production.
Each mix includes a maximum 1-hour remote session, and this can be used as you wish. Additional time can be agreed separately.


Mastering differs from other services in that you can be involved remotely from the beginning.
1 First, the session will be prepared, and we'll go through the song. I am especially interested in what you've tried to achieve in stages like mixing and production. Also, if you have any specific wishes, I'll take that into account.
2 Next, the actual mastering will begin. Because of the peace of work, I have to move you into a listening student and mute both our mics. However, don't worry! You can see the screen recording all the time and hear the audio.
3 Once the mastering is done, we will review it and make any adjustments you want. After the session, you will also receive a listening link for latter listening. If you feel that you want more changes, it is always possible.


Basically, you can be remotely involved in the whole session. More instructions are coming soon!

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