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It is terrifying to send your mix to someone else and it always requires a lot of trusts. Good master supports a great mix but with a bad master, it is super easy to do ruin a perfectly good song. Yep, I know. That is why you need someone you can trust. A team member that shares the same passion and then we can truly push your music forward. The end result is, that you will get a better quality product that can yield to bigger and more valuable gigs.
Imagine that after every production you do, you could just send it to someone who will do the final revisions and get the song ready for release? In terms of workload alone, it will save you 1-2 hours. The time you could spend on other projects. Not to mention how you can mentally detach yourself from the whole project after the mix is ​​done.
Save time and grow faster
You're stronger with a team
Mixing and producing music can sometimes get really lonely. By working with a team member, you always have someone from whom you can ask for honest feedback and discuss things. You would also have someone with whom the songs would actually be honed to the best possible condition. I look forward to working with you!


All the songs below were mastered at vproaudio

Fellow - Self Esteem
Jari Uutela - Ei oo muita jumalii (Birdy Head Remix)
Thms Haag - Always Yours

Other clients


Kake Karisson Testimonial

Heikki has excellent work ethics and attitude. I can genuinely say that while working with vproaudio, my music's quality has improved remarkably. To me, it is super important that the song is polished to the smallest detail, and Heikki has the same passion for making great music as I.

Heikki is understanding and reliable professional, so the result is always as good as you would expect.



Heikki is my top choice when I want my songs to stay on the top lists on Spotify for a long time. Nowadays, competition in the music fields is fierce, so I don't feel like anyone else can give as great value as vproaudio can.

Heikki has superb expertise, and insane desire to get the song as good as it can. What more I can say? Heikki has excellent service and quality. 10/10.


Ville Nisunen Testimonial


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