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Do you want to join the session remotely?

If you prefer, you can join the session in real-time just with an internet connection. This means you can brainstorm, ask questions, and learn while we work on your song.

The audio stream allows high-quality listening, which also works on most mobile devices. Experience a truly modern way to work with your music!

Each song includes a one-hour remote session if needed.

Everyone should have a team they can trust

Hi! My name is Heikki Vihersalo, and I'm a music producer, mix, and mastering engineer from Finland. I'm specialized in modern pop and hip hop music. Most of the time, I help other producers and production teams achieve better sounding recordings by working as part of their team.

While working, I prefer honesty, a relaxed and energetic environment, and I always give 110% to every project I'm part of. I like it when I get to grow with the musician and help him to my best abilities.

Previous work

Nico Patrick - Uskalla

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Henrikki - Sex on the Beach

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Jelou - Marimekko

Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering


Client stories

Kake Karisson

Heikki has excellent work ethics and attitude. I can genuinely say that while working with vproaudio, my music's quality has improved remarkably. To me, it is super important that the song is polished to the smallest detail, and Heikki has the same passion for making great music as I.

Heikki is understanding and reliable professional, so the result is always as good as you would expect.


Ville Nisunen

Heikki is my top choice when I want my songs to stay on the top lists on Spotify for a long time. Nowadays, competition in the music fields is fierce, so I don't feel like anyone else can give as great value as vproaudio can.

Heikki has superb expertise, and insane desire to get the song as good as it can. What more I can say? Heikki has excellent service and quality. 10/10.


I'd love to work with you!

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